Andrea Altier

Welcome to my Personal Website!

I work as an Agile Coach for the IT Consulting company Miles, I am also a trained professional coach with focus on serving you, so that you can reach your goals.

I help people learn tools that they can use to create a personal and professional life that they love.

Why I have a personal website?

I get a lot of question around what I do, what my day looks like and how I work. The people asking me are peers, leaders, teams, even from my own team of coaches we seem to wonder about how the other coaches work. I also get questions around which value we deliver. From my perspective I wish to see a better understanding around these questions, I would like people to be able to try out some of the things we do on their own and in general I think we need a better understanding of what coaching is and why we need it on an individual level for large Transformation Initiatives.

I welcome you to get to know my perspectives, and invite you to reach out for discussions and shared learning.

Bislett Games @ Miles

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