As part of my coaching I run different types of workshops with my co-workers and the teams I coach. Some of these are for learning, some of these are for identifying improvement opportunities.

Okaloa Flowlab

Simulation Workshop

Experiential learning of how “work-works” and which mechanisms influence work; Collaboration, Work In Progress Limits and Delayed Commitment

Reference Workshops;
Miles Team Flow Workshop
PMI Norway Chapter Team Flow Workshop

Retrospective and Futurespective


Looking back to ensure we all know what took us to where we are today and then looking forward to ensure we know where we want to go and understand where we want to be are simple but powerful tools to use to ensure we all leave “old” stuff behind and agree on what our future looks like so that we all pull in the same direction

Value Stream Mapping


When working with improvements this is a great starting point to ensure we are all on the same page when it comes to what we are currently doing to create value

Hypothesis and experiment Backlog


Once you have identified your pain-points and improvements needed. Which hypothesis do you want to try out and get verified by defining experiments? Get clarity by creating a hypothesis and experiment backlog and run experiments in your organisation.