Supporting each other is the best way to grow and I invite you connect with me!

I share what I have done to become a Coach, what I did to move into Agile Coaching and later Leadership Coaching and tools I use in my coaching and for personal development so that you can use it for your own process.

On these pages you find tools that you can use as an Agile Coach and tools that you can use to develop yourself personally and as a leader. You may also find a few books that I like and recommend.


Read more about the different types of workshops I do with my co-workers here.

  • Okaloa Flowlab Simulations for engaging and fun learning

  • Retrospective / Futurespective to understand our past and our future together

  • Value Stream Mapping to understand how we actually work together

  • Hypothesis and experiment backlog


In this section I am sharing the tools I use in the areas of Agile and Leadership Coaching. In the area of self leadership and development you will be able to find tools that you can use for your own personal growth and development.

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Books I like