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Who am I to help you with your Transformation?

My personal vision is that we lead ourselves and others from the heart, with a clear meaningful purpose and vision. I am in service of teams, individuals and leaders that want to continuously develop themselves so they have the best possible chance to be successful.

Where do we start?

Teams and organizations are built by Individuals and when it comes to transformations, I believe it starts with the individual, a clear purpose, vision and knowing your why.

Understanding your context, where you are and where you want to go will be my starting point. I will help you clarify your purpose, so that you make choices that are right for you and develop your potentials to reach your goals. If you are willing to engage and act I am happy to work with you!

Why Coaching?

In 2018 I decided to make a shift in my career and start as a consultant. Up until this point I had always been employed in in-house positions, but now I felt it was time to get out of my comfort zone, I felt I had enough experience to try out consulting.

In my previous life, I had tried to move into consulting. After finishing my bachelor’s degree, I had been working for 3 years and decided to leave a safe and secure job to start as a consultant. This was around year 2000, when the .com bubble burst and a lot of people lost their jobs. It happened to me as well and I ended up laid off after only 14 days in a new job. It turned out the company I had joined had hired new staff under the assumption they would win a bid which they ended up losing and the people they employed lost their job. I went into pieces; I had just bought an apartment and a car and now everything was at risk. At the same time, I was so proud, and immature, that I refused to go back to my old employer to get my old job back. I wanted or needed to show for myself that I could do this. After all there was a reason, I had left that job. I started applying for new jobs, and after applying for more than 50 jobs I finally got a job as a software developer.

The experience created an awareness in me, that even if I had a good education and experience, in competition with others, it was hard for me to get a new job. I decided to stay out of consultancy. After that I kept myself working in large, safe, and secure companies. I decided that as long as I was developing and learning it was not necessary to change jobs. After I got married and started my family, I decided to move to a small town outside of Oslo. This was what made me change my job. After I started my new job, I kept asking myself, why did I not change jobs sooner? There was so much to learn! I actually knew why i had stayed for so long, it was my fear of unemployment.

After some years my marriage ended and I decided to move back to Oslo. By then I had changed jobs a couple of times and experienced the opportunities it could lead to. To experience more of this I decided to start as a consultant.

It was in my first assignment as a consultant that I got to know the Agile Coach role. I had a very good mentor from my company there and came into an awesome team with awesome people. I really enjoyed the role and I started to get to know coaching. What I was doing at the time was mostly mentoring, but I really felt that coaching was the way to go. Telling people what they should do is really in-effective. I decided to develop my coaching skills and become a coach. I embarked on a journey of professional coaching. This has brought me to where I am to day, I feel I have found my passion, this is what I want to do.

I am a quiet and reserved person and even if I am social, I am introvert and prefer conversations in smaller groups or one-to-one. As a coach I get to be an observer and a mirror, and I get a peak into people’s mind. I love to learn and develop, and there is simply so much insight in people, and the capacity we all carry within ourselves inspires me.

Transformation is a key word for me. Coaching is transformational when it is a co active relationship which means co-creating the new path by active engagement. I value the relationship established through coaching and I am greatful each time I am trusted to coach.

What makes me qualified?

I was trained to be a professional coach by the Co-Active Training Institute, their coach training is recognized as “…the most rigorous professional coach training and certification program in the industry”, this training in addition to Agile Coach trainings by Adventures with Agile has certified me for agile team coaching and coaching of enterprises and agile transitions.

I believe that it is not the certifications by themselves that are important, but the experiential learning experience and the real-life application of these skills through active 1:1 coaching, coaching in organizations and working with different teams. That and my interest in potential psychology is what has helped me develop approaches that work.

Smile and be amused of all the wonders within each of us and around us


It is important for me that we are both on the same page and have a mutual understanding of what if would be like to work together. I am a strong believer of co-creation and belive that we need to shape the relationship together. Feel free to get in touch!

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