Wholehearted Leadership

What if you could be a an Agile leader that inspires and creates openness and connection?

Wholehearted Leadership model by @andreaaltier

Leadership is not about titles or the corner office. It’s about the willingness to step up, put yourself out there, and lean into courage. The world is desperate for braver leaders. It’s time for all of us to step up

Brené Brown

The quote is from the book Dare to lead written by Brené Brown. I highly recommend it if you haven`t read it.

“Putting ourselves out there”, “Lean into courage”, “Be willing to step up”. These are really brave steps, how can we do that?

I believe it starts with our core, with that I mean that we need to do our own inner work, be aware of our core values, our strengths, and weaknesses, and know our mission. Most of us have no idea what our mission or core values are. In many of the coaching conversations I have, I find that we are not that good at celebrating our successes and our strengths. We are too busy, and there is not much time to think, and if we succeed we just keep going.

I believe that a strong connection to our core values, being aware of our strengths and weaknesses will help us to stay centered in ourselves. When we are centered in ourselves and feel grounded, this inner connection opens us up to feeling empathy within ourselves. Instead of staying closed and in self-protection mode we become whole and open-hearted. From this space, we can connect and inspire others.

In coaching conversations I learn that people feel stressed, unfocused, and lack balance in their life. Lack of clarity on what inspires and motivates you contributes to stress and lack of focus. because there is unclear direction but also a weak connection to your inner self.

Sometimes we allow saboteurs to hold us back, they cause us to be too hard on ourselves, too self-critical. Sometimes these saboteurs prevent us from connecting to our core values and seeing our strengths. This can cause us to feel even more stress and lack of direction.

From this space many leaders feel the need for control, it just feels safer and easier to manage the stress when we are in control. What if we could let go of that need, and learn through co-creation so that we did not need to come up with answers and solutions? What if we could co-create by involving and connecting with people around us?

When I am invited to co-create I feel more ownership and willingness to contribute because I am invested. If we need to change direction it is easy for me to do that because I am involved in the decision.

If I am wholehearted, connected to my core values, connected to others through invitation and co-creation, and with the courage to be vulnerable when needed. What kind of person would I be? What kind of person could I become?

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

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