Book: Rethinking Agile

Rethinking Agile, Why Agile Teams has nothing to do with Business Agility

In the book “Rethinking Agile, why Agile Teams Have Nothing to Do With Business Agility”, Klaus Leopold takes us through pitfalls in an Agile Transformation by presenting a Case Study on how the outcome is not as expected even in an organization where all teams are “Agile”.  He explains 4 main root-causes of this. In short they are about how we approach Agile Transformations, how we handle dependencies between teams and products, the incomplete Value Stream and Work in progress limits at the wrong place. 

This book is easy to read with lots of illustrations and has excellent points for anyone who want to transform into Agile Ways of Working.  

I use and reference this book a lot in presentations and in my work, you may see some of those references in the posts below.

I recommend your read this book if you are part of an Agile Transformation.

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