Building a culture of Trust

How can an agile coach help you strengthen the value of Trust, in your organization and help you build a culture of Trust?


There are many techniques you can use to build Trust, one of these is The Team Canvas because it helps creating a space where team members can talk about topics they normally don`t spend much time on. It could for example be roles, expectations towards each other, what we value as a team, why we even exist as a team and what our strengths and weaknesses are.

Creating a set of rules and activities to complete the whole exercise creates another space for the team where they can capture how they want to collaborate and use this for future reference and further build on it. I think it could be useful to strengthen this part even further by creating a Team Charter, a Team Alliance or a Team Working Agreement, so that it is transparent to everyone working in the team what we as a team has agreed to function well together.

Another technique most of of us knows is Retrospectives. If there is one agile technique you never leave out, this is the one. Retrospectives helps you create a space where team members can discuss things within the team that they are happy with or want to improve.

Example retrospectives from Spotify retrokit;

In my experience it is important to do different kinds of retrospectives to be able to see things from different angles and some times do a deep dive into specific recurring topics. The most important thing with a retrospective, in addition to having the session is to ensure ownership for action items, and here I really try to encourage teams to pick up action items amongst themselves ensuring everyone contributes to solving impediments and help the team improve.

I would also like to mention the democratic meeting form of a Lean Coffee. Whenever I have participated in these types of meetings I notice that everyone participating are very happy, everyone feel they are contributing and able to discuss topics they are interested in. To me this is a very good technique for building openness and trust in a team and in my opinion the technique could be used much more than it is today.

From my perspective, key word for a Lean Coffee is co-creation, in general co-creation is a technique that will help you build trust in a team and enhance the feeling of the important we and us.

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